Photo Restoration Pricing Overview

Photographs are one of the greatest ways to record memories. However, older photographs can ware down over the years, unlike digital copies. Because of this, it is important to take good care of our physical photographs, and it's also a great idea to make sure that you scan your prints and negatives. However, accidents happen and prints do often get damaged, but don't be discouraged! Our state of the art hardware, technology, and special skills can restore old damaged photographs to their former glory.


Base Prices

Need More?

Don't have digital copies? We can scan them.

+$2.50 per photo for images 11x14 inches or less

+$5.00 per photo for images 16x20 inches or less

Request custom scanning price for photos larger than 16x20 inches here.

Expedited Turn Around Time

Guaranteed 7 day turn around once photos are recieved

+14.99 for 3 business day rush once photos are recieved

+29.99 for 24 hour delivery once photos are received

What you get

  • Ultra High Resolution JPEGs of each of your restored photos for online use, and digital storage
  • Optional CD including all digital files for safe storage. 
  • Your photos will be backed up by us forever, in case you ever loose yours.
  • Color retouching to restore the vibrance in faded photographs. 
  • Removal of tears, wrinkles, stains, marks, or other damages. 

Special Options

Torn Photographs

+4.99 if your photo is torn, and is in more than one pieces



Make it last a lifetime

Professional matting and framing options can make your photo outlive your grandchildren. 

Custom Prints

We offer a wide variety of custom printing options including; paper, metal, canvas, and more.