Live Event Video Production

Professional Custom Motion Graphics

To give your event a professional feel, we offer custom HD motion graphics. With many different graphics including title/info screens, lower thirds, picture in picture screens, transitions, and more. This ensures your video flows smoothly, and maintains a professional, high quality look.

Multi-Cam HD Video

Using HD multi-camera video production is the only way to ensure that all important aspects of your event have proper video coverage, and nothing important is missed. With different mounting options including tripod, shoulder rig, steady cam, and jib (crane) your live event video will not only cover the entire event, but also be engaging to viewers.

Professional Live Audio

Poor audio quality is the first thing someone will notice in a video. High quality audio is just as important as video, which is why we ensure your video sounds great. Using industry standard high quality microphones, speakers, mixers, and effects, we ensure a high quality audio mix. With this we are able to guarantee your voice, message, and/or music will be heard clearly.

Highlight Reel

After your live event has been filmed you have the option to get a 1 to 5 minute highlight video depending on the length of the event. This video can be used to promote your future events, or to highlight the key points of the event. It can also be used by people at the event to brag to their friends about the awesome event they attended.

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Video Advertisement Production


Telling your story the way it needs to be told

Behind every business there is a story. Every story is different, every business is unique. Our goal is to make sure we tell your story the way it needs to be told, which is why we do whatever it takes to tell a story in your advertisement in order to pull the viewers in, and create an emotional connection between your business and your potential clients.

Professional HD Video and Audio

We deliver high quality professional HD video in order to tell your story the way it deserves to be told. And we believe that audio is just as important as video, so we use professional microphones, professional audio EQ software, and beautiful royalty free music to ensure that our video advertisements sound as great and professional as they look.


High Quality Post Production Editing

Using top of the line software we ensure that your video advertisement has been fine tuned to perfection. Devoting time to editing, special effects, audio mixing and mastering, and color correction, we make sure our video advertisements flow nicely and look and sound as great as possible. 

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